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About Us

Who are the Rondinas?

In 2004, Anthony and Jessica stumbled into filmmaking through a homeschool history project. Excited about their first family project, they submitted their short film into the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and placed as a Finalist in their Young Filmmaker’s category. Their love for storytelling began to grow with passion and skill as top producers introduced them to the Christian film industry. Today, their latest animated film, JERICHO: The Promise Fulfilled, has been seen by thousands of people across the globe. This family team travels the country sharing what they have learned and encouraging families to work together as formidable unit to produce films with excellence.


What is ShatterPoint Entertainment?

Have you ever noticed how broken glass has many shatter points? Some have come to the surface while others have yet to be seen. Once the first shatter point has been hit, the glass will never look the same again. As pressure or elements change around it, its pattern grows ever more intricate.

Each and every one of our lives has shatter points--events that change the direction of our life as we know it. A few of our family’s shatter points have been experiencing the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, homeschooling, the Gileskirk Humanities class, and meeting Mr. Doug Phillips at the SAICF Festival. With each of these events our lives altered their courses in permanent and exciting ways.

Our heart is to bring such shatter points into the lives of each of our audience members, comic book readers and workshop students. Whether it’s through inspiration, education, or perspiration we want to make an impact that will change some aspect of your life. For some the impact might be instant and measurable, for others it might not be realized for some years down the road. Our filmmaking began with trying to get an “A” in our humanities class. That wasn’t the only class we were trying to get an “A” in, but looking back, that class was definitely one of our shatter points. What are your shatter points?

What shatter points are you leaving in the lives of those around you?

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